How to find out who called you from an unknown number

You want will know the method, to find out who called you from an unknown number? in this guide the most reliable system.
di Antonio Lamorgese

If your phone rings and you don’t know who is calling you, it means that you are dealing with a call from someone you don’t have in your address book and who, consequently, may have had your phone number without your knowledge. In this case it is always better to identify who is calling and possibly block the caller’s number to avoid further disturbances. Now, you will know the method, to find out who called you from an unknown number.

1. Why is it important to understand who is calling you?

Very often it happens to leave your telephone number to people contacted by us to carry out work or commissions for services of interest to us. In this case, the caller does so to provide you with information regarding the service you have requested. But there are cases, and unfortunately it often happens, of receiving calls that are unknown and could even be potentially dangerous. When the caller’s number is unknown, it is always better to understand who is calling you and possibly also the level of unreliability or danger that is associated with that number.

This is possible thanks to some services, which have been present on the net for years now, which are able to search for the number and who it is associated with. One of the most reliable services is “Reversera”. On this portal it is possible, by indicating only the telephone number, to trace the identity of the caller and many other useful information.

Home page
Home page

You will now see how to access “Reversera” and how to trace the identity of whoever is calling you without violating anyone’s privacy and in full compliance with all current regulations.

2. How to find out who called you from an unknown number

The necessary first step is to reach the Reversera home page. To do this, all you have to do is click on this link. By itself, the Reversera home page leaves no doubts, in fact, the only information required is the telephone number of the person calling you. After entering this data, select, from the drop-down box, the country of origin of the call, which can be found from the initial area code, and click on the “Find” button.

Within a few seconds, the site will search for all the useful information on the number entered, showing you on the screen, with green ticks, whether or not it has any indications to provide. Almost always, Reversera, thanks to its database of information, manages to find what you need. Among the information you will certainly find the identity of the caller, the telephone operator and the degree of danger or, unreliability, of the number of who is calling you.

Information searched on Reversera on the unknown phone number.
Information searched on Reversera on the unknown phone number.

At this point click on “Keep on”, or “Continue“, and after accepting the general conditions required by the service, click again on the “Keep on” button and the data will be immediately in your possession. However, there is one consideration to be made, Reversera is a paid service. It is logical that the English company that owns the rights and manages Reversera, in order to keep the data provided by the service and its database updated, incurs expenses. The amount requested is truly ridiculous. In fact, just €0.50 is required to obtain the information. In addition, the service guarantees complete anonymity.

Payment methods on
Payment methods on

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