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send big file free

Send big file free to your friends or colleagues for free and fast with TransferNow. No transfer limits up to 5GB.
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In a world where digital communication is increasingly important, the need to share large files has become more and more frequent. However, sending large files via email can be problematic, due to size limits imposed by email providers. Additionally, traditional file transfer services can be slow and complex to use. So, don’t waste time and send large files to your friends or colleagues without any limit up to 5GB.

TransferNow is a quick and easy solution that lets you send large files up to 100GB (with a Premium subscription) via email or web link. The service is free for files up to 5 GB and requires no registration to use.

1. How TransferNow works

To send files with TransferNow, simply follow these simple steps:

a) Reach the TransferNow website by clicking on this link:

b) Select files to send: You can select individual files or entire folders. The only operation required is to click on the central ” Start ” button and select the files or folder to send.

Send big file Free with transfernow
Send big file Free with transfernow

c) Enter recipients’ email addresses: You can enter one or more email addresses.

d) Add a message (optional): You can add a message for the recipients.

Add more file or folder with TransferNow
Add more file or folder with TransferNow

e) Click on the “Transfer” button: The files will be uploaded to the TransferNow servers and recipients will receive an email with a link to download them.

large file has been sent with transfernow

f) What the recipient receives: The recipient, or recipients because with TransferNow you can specify multiple recipients, receives an email with a link, at this point to download the files all you need to do is click on the link received and start the download process of the files. file.

Copy link to download file with TransferNow
large file has been sent with TransferNow

2. Benefits of TransferNow

TransferNow offers numerous advantages over traditional file transfer services, including:

3. When it is convenient to use TransferNow

TransferNow can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

4. Conclusion

TransferNow is a simple, fast and secure solution for sending large files. The service is free for files up to 5 GB and a Premium subscription with additional features is also available. If you need to send large files, TransferNow is a great solution to consider.

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1. How much does TransferNow cost?

TransferNow is free for files up to 5 GB. Premium subscriptions are also available starting at €4.95 per month which offer additional features, such as the ability to send files up to 100GB, password protect files, and set an expiration date for download links.

2. How can I protect my files with TransferNow?

You can protect your files with TransferNow using a password. When you send a file, you can choose to set a password that recipients must enter to download the file.

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