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If you have a blog you know how difficult it is to create content. Fortunately, today it is possible thanks to a content generator & writing Assistant that uses artificial intelligence. If you rely on suitable software for this purpose, I guarantee that for you, creating content will be a breeze as well as being a lot of fun.

In the past I have already had the opportunity to try products of this kind. Unfortunately the generated content had many grammatical errors and still needed to be manually edited to arrive at an appreciable result. This time things are not quite like that, I found online the best content generator & writing assistant, without plagiarism problems, and immediately ready.

1. Artificial intelligence to create content

The copywriter profession has already undergone enormous changes. In fact, today, many authors make use of these text generators as an aid to create increasingly reliable and precise content. Taking advantage of a content generator does not mean automatically creating texts to feed your blog without even reading it or taking a look at it, as many think. You must consider a text generator only and only an excellent writing aid and not as a generator of sentences, taken here and there on the web, so as to pollute the network of information which, in all probability, could generate confusion even in those who read.

These tools, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, are refined more and more by developers, so much so that they can be considered real war machines in the content generator sector. Honestly, I think, more and more people and companies are going to use these tools to make their content truly great.

Since, thanks to artificial intelligence, you can create content quickly and easily, it is likely that even companies will begin to entrust the creation of content related to their products to software of this kind. Some entrepreneurs and freelancers are already doing this.

The software, object of this guide, should not be installed on the computer, but can be used anywhere since it is an efficient free online service. So you don’t need to own a high-end computer or expensive laptop to use it.

The software in question is called “” and has a free plan that uses artificial intelligence to create quality content.

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2. How to access to the content generator

As I told you, creating quality content requires all the experience that a good copywriter must have to disseminate reliable information. But, thanks to the help of smodin, you can avail yourself of an extremely valid collaborator. At this point I will try to explain how the generator works and what opportunities and help it can offer you.

First of all you need to register on the smodin platform. the operation is very simple, but if you have a Google account you could use it to register with smodin quickly and get to work immediately. To register, click on this link and proceed with the account activation. Also consider that to use the free plan of smodin it is not necessary to register, but you can take advantage of one of the tools made available by the portal for a maximum of 3 times a week. More than enough limit for a medium/small blog.

Registration on the portal to the content generate
Registration on the portal

Once you have entered all the required data, click on the “Sign UP” button if you wish to register with your personal account, or click on the “Sign Up With Google” button if you intend to register using your Google account. In any case, you will receive an email from smodin informing you about the activation of your account and that you can proceed by logging into smodin to create content. Then, click on “Login” and go ahead.

3. How to create content with

After logging into the portal, the homepage that appears is the one shown in the figure.

Access the "smodin author" feature
Access the “smodin author” feature

Now, you may have noticed that smodin offers more than one service, but for the purposes of this guide we will focus on the “smodin author” feature. That is, the ability to generate unique, high-quality essays and articles. You will be able to generate texts from a few sentences to surprisingly fantastic essays and articles thanks to automated copywriting.

To generate your first content, on which you can work and develop your article or essay, you need to click on the “smodin author” box and, subsequently, select the “article” item, type a title or keywords in the “Title or keywords” and, finally, click on the “write” button. The green color of the line under the “title or keywords” field indicates that the words typed are more than enough to generate the text automatically.

Generate text with "smodin author" mode
Generate text with “smodin author” mode

After a few seconds, smodin will generate your article. At the top right there are various icons. By clicking on the “copy” function icon you can copy and then paste the article on your blog to be developed further and make it as suitable as possible for your blog.

4. Other features of smodin

Surely you have noticed that smodin offers numerous features. In short, all the functions you see on the portal can be used as part of your plan.

other features available on the portal
other features available on the portal

Having registered for a free application plan, you only have 3 credits available per day. This means that you will be able to use smodin to perform a few daily operations. If you like smodin, you could upgrade your plan from FREE to “Essentials” which, with only 10 Euro/month, you will have access to all the features of the tool.

Plans and prices
Plans and prices
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