How to earn online with hitleap 50 $/day for free

Many people wonder: how to make money online and monetize through a blog? This is possible but logically there are some basic strategies, some very effective others are less so, but undoubtedly the centerpiece of the system is that to monetize you must necessarily bring traffic to your blog or website.

The more traffic you can bring to your articles the more earning opportunities you have, however keep in mind that to earn online, through content marketing, from 200 to 300 $/month you need to bring from 30K to 40K visitors per month on your posts.

1. Create a blog

First you need to create a blog and start posting articles. You must create absolutely no less than 4/5 articles per month. This is necessary for search engines to understand that your blog is active and constantly updated. If you have no idea how to create a blog watch this video, you can also do it for free:

How to make a WordPress blog

2. How to create a post

Creating a one-of-a-kind blog post isn’t easy if you’re a beginner, but it’s also not impossible. The easiest way to do this and take a cue from the articles posted on first of all identify the niche or category of your interest, search, among all the articles listed what you like best, also translate the entire content, read it calmly and repeat in your own words, as if you were discussing it with your friend.

Never forget to mention the source, that is, the original URL of the article on, include all the tags or keywords that will identify your post on the web.

If you use wordpress as a platform to manage your blog, I recommend you to read this article which will explain to you how to write a post flawlessly.

Publish WordPress Post

3. What is hitleap

One of the most efficient techniques today to bring traffic to your blog is represented by the exchange of URLs between members belonging to the same traffic exchange platform.

Hitleap is a platform for the exchange of web traffic, it is a service in which participants can exchange traffic with other website owners. Thanks to a viewer downloadable from the platform itself, each participant can visit the other members’ websites and receive hits in return.

The traffic produced and generated by hitleap is visible from Google Analytics and can be used to increase the number of visitors to a website or blog.

How to make money online

4. Hitleap in action

At this point go to sign up and log in, if you do not join a paid plan you have the option to insert, by clicking on My Website and then on the Add new Website button, only 3 URLs, that is 3 links of your favorite articles, that you can logically remove and update at your convenience day by day.

How to make money online

Click on Submit and you’re done, now hitleap has registered your links and can automatically propose them to the other members of the platform.

Now download hitleap viewer and leave it running in the background, this viewer will continuously propose your links to users, registered on the platform, all over the world.

How to make money online

Keep hitleap running for at least 1 hour before checking the earnings on your favorite advertising system integrated in your blog.

Keep in mind, however, that many advertising systems such as Google adsense could ban your account if an exaggerated, and not well-planned, use of hitleap was made.

How to earn money online
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